Amir Floriculture
Amir Golestan, with nearly half a century of experience, familiar and trusted name in the apartment of flowers, decoration, garden and outdoor plants also offer products such as transplanting a variety of seasonal F1, Seed saplings fruitful non Fruit and Flower Production and distribution of soil, peat, Peatmoss, Coco peat, Pearlit is.
Amir Golestan produced some examples are:
Decorative flowers: Crotone, Pytvs, diphenhydramine, Klvnma, fern, leaf fig, Ficus elastica, Benjamin, Araucaria heterophylla, Pprvmya, Yuka, Hassan Yousef leafy F1, Hassan Yousef deciduous F1, earring, large flower Begonia, gerbera Cocker , Extracts, Extracts miniature and ...